Lauren Austin believes that traveling is truly the best education. As a former teacher of 11 years, she values how travel unlocks happiness and wonder in all of us. Getting out there and experiencing new cultures, adventures, sights, and even food opens up curiosity and connections to the world around us.

Lauren’s passion for travel took off after she and her husband, James, lived in Cape Town, South Africa, for one summer. After this experience, traveling became a priority, and she hasn’t stopped seeing the world since.

Now, she is a mother of two, and one of her greatest delights is traveling as a family and watching her kids explore new places. Her years as a master teacher mean she is very skilled at communication, organization, and making connections with people. Details matter, and that comes through as she listens to her clients and orchestrates not only memorable but top-notch experiences for them.


lauren's passion for travel

Lauren has been all over the world, and some of her favorite places include Spain, France, Italy, Costa Rica, Israel, Africa, French Polynesia, and islands all over the Caribbean. She will use her extensive travel experience to design elevated trips that will be remembered and talked about for a lifetime. Whether it is climbing Table Mountain, zipping through the rainforest, relaxing on pristine beaches, digging into history, or celebrating something special, Lauren loves turning dream vacations into reality for her clients.

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